Artist Feature – HazyHappiness

Moggie is awesome, holy goodness. ^u^

Moggie @ WordPress

Otherwise known as Handmade Fanciful Geekery Potions & Fairy Things.

Well, we haven’t been here for a while have we? For those who don’t know the Artist Features are just what they sound like- I feature an artist I like, or who I think deserves recognition, or generally someone that does things that I think will fit the viewers of this blog. Or all three. Or sometimes I just feature awesome people ’cause they’re awesome. Which is why we’re looking at HazyHappiness today as her Etsy store fits all of the above criteria.

Given that there’s one thing I universally like and will play (RPGs) and many of her products are inspired by that very thing.

I’m also fascinated by the creative process behind making crafts. I’ve always been more of an illustrator or painter than someone who works with clay, wood, metal, glass, or other neat things like that which…

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