Potions Are A Girl’s Best Friend. Photos, Not So Much.

Potions, potions, and more potions. I love ’em. Love making ’em. Can’t enough of ’em. They’re 80% of the items in my Etsy shop. Why is it then, that taking decent and accurate photos of my glorious potions is so challenging?

Take this one as an example:


Pretty right? But this isn’t realistic– The potion only looks like this when in direct sunlight. Even then the colours aren’t quite right (I had to turn the contrast right down on the camera I was using to get them as close in colour as I could).

Then we have this:


This was my second attempt at photos for my potion earrings. I’m still not overly happy with them (And I forgot to turn down the contrast this time, so that didn’t help).

Don’t get me wrong, I think the photos look cool, but they don’t really look that way in-person. This frustrates me.

I wonder if this is mostly a thing of needing more experience. I suppose I’ll find out. 😛

Do you have any advice for me? Any tips/tricks are hugely welcomed!

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