The City Lights Dance With The Night Sky


One morning while I was in too much pain to sleep, I wanted to doodle my suffering. Instead this happened…
Since getting back into art-ing more regularly in 2020, I’ve realized something about myself. For me all means of creation are a method of self care. They enable me to be kind to myself to a degree I don’t normally have the capacity for.
It also allows me to offer myself that pretty escapism that real life rarely provides.
This must be why it breaks my heart so much when I’m not well enough to do any art!

Maybe this is why I have so much trouble drawing things that aren’t tinged with joy/warmth: my real life is upsetting enough as it is, I just want to make things that feel like a nice dream that lets me forget my bodily torment for a while!

It’s interesting seeing what I discover about myself with each piece I work on.


Made In Procreate

25th August 2020